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Executive Course

Political Analysis and News


Course Objectives

This course introduces participants to the logic and methods of research in political science. The first part of the course focuses on why hypotheses/arguments/claims to knowledge should be scrutinised with empirical (observable) evidence. The second part of the course focuses on “how” we can study political questions. The structure of the course moves from the abstract world of theory to empirical investigation of the world around us. The participants will begin to learn about some of the methods by which political scientists come to regard some propositions as “true” and others as “false.” The participants will also begin to understand when and why you should have more confidence in certain claims of fact and not others, and why most propositions remain debated.

Course Details

  • Start Date

    Sep 16, 2018

  • End Date

    Sep 18, 2018

  • Who should attend

    Senior LevelMid-LevelEntry Level

  • Admission status

    Admission Closed


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