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Executive Course

International Law and International Organizations

ShadowPP EDA 6719

Course Objectives

The course provides an overview of the legal thought on international organizations (IO’s) as legal entities in a legal environment. It will discuss the process of creating international organizations and how law is used as a means of governance. This training course also seeks to introduce participants to the major theoretical and empirical aspects of the role of international organisations in international politics, their impact on the practice of international cooperation and conflict, their role in the maintenance of international peace and security, their role in the management of international economic relations, the promotion of international environmental standards, and related matters of concern to international society. It offers a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of international organisations, with particular reference to the role of key formal international organisations.

Course Details

  • Start Date

    Feb 28, 2018

  • End Date

    Feb 28, 2018

  • Admission status

    Admission Closed


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