Overview of AGDA

A brief about AGDA

In today’s rapidly evolving global environment, where national security and prosperity increasingly depend on informed and well-connected leaders and policy makers, the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy (AGDA) is a leading centre of excellence that educates the next generations of foreign policy decision makers and informs the public on the most pressing challenges facing the region and the world.

AGDA was licensed to operate by the UAE Ministry of Education and the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) in April 2015. It renewed its licensure in August 2021 and will renew it once more in August 2026. 

Our strategic direction is to be a centre of excellence

A world-class diplomatic academic institute that influences and drives the development of the next generation of foreign policy leaders and thinkers, and plays a dynamic role in shaping the global foreign policy landscape.

To deliver internationally recognized education and training for diplomats to advance the UAE’s foreign policy priorities; and to produce innovative thought leadership that furthers the understanding of diplomacy and international relations in the region and beyond.

AGDA’s values are embodied by the actions and behaviours of its leadership, faculty, researchers, staff and students.

  • Excellence: We pursue excellence in everything we do and strive to deliver world-class results to the best of our ability, holding ourselves to international and regional standards.

  • Integrity: We adhere to the highest ethical standards, communicate openly and build relationships based on trust, respect and care.

  • Transparency: We conduct our activities with complete and open transparency.

  • Accountability: We are accountable – individually and collectively for our teams, behaviors, actions and results.

  • Collaboration: We seek to build positive regional and international relationships internally and externally, learning from a diverse range of stakeholders from multiple fields and industries.

  • Innovation: We believe in nurturing and supporting creativity to promote the development of new ideas. We believe in continuous improvement and challenging ourselves in the fields of academia, research and education.

Strategic Objectives & Goals

Unique learning experiences

As a world class diplomatic academic institute, the Academy provides a unique learning experience that comprises a blend of academic programmes, thought leadership, executive training courses and access to the finest diplomatic minds.

We bring international knowledge, expertise and experience to the UAE to offer first-rate education, training and research that prepare our students to deal with the myriad challenges they will encounter in the ever-changing world of foreign policy.


What We Offer

Our three interlinked departments work closely to deliver the strategic objectives of the Academy. We offer:

Graduate Programmes

Graduate accredited programmes


Executive Training

Practical training programmes



Foreign policy and diplomacy


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