SDG Centre of Excellence for the Arab Region

The SDG Centre of Excellence for the Arab Region (SDGCAR) promotes the sharing of research and other knowledge resources on sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of relevance for the Arab region and/or diplomacy and international cooperation.

SDG Index for the Arab Region 2019

In 2019, the SDG Centre of Excellence for the Arab Region (SDGCAR), in collaboration with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), will launch the first SDG Index for the Arab Region. The purpose of this index will be to identify common challenges and opportunities for the region’s 22 countries in implementing the 17 SDGs. This will include identifying major regional gaps in implementation, including between countries, to ensure no-one is left behind, and drawing attention to areas where statistical capacities need further improvement to ensure robust monitoring and follow-up.

Since 2016, the SDSN has published annual SDG Indices and Dashboards. The main aim of the SDG Indices is to support the implementation of the SDGs at various levels of government and to identify implementation priorities. The SDG Index methodology has been developed over several years in dialogue with experts worldwide. Regional SDG Indices’ strength is that they take advantage of regionally-relevant indicators to examine SDG achievement and highlight region-specific policy priorities.


The SDGCAR will develop a portal that will provide access to major SDG-related studies, reports and other electronic knowledge resources, focused on the Arab region. If you would like suggest content/entries to the portal, please contact us at:

AGDA Research on Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Anwar Gargash Academy’s research programme on Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development seeks to generate policy-relevant research and ideas on topics closely related to the SDGs, in close collaboration with the SDGCAR.

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