The Research and Analysis Department contributes to domestic and international debates on issues relevant to the UAE’s foreign policy and diplomacy, acts as an impactful source of analysis for the UAE government, and helps build student diplomats’ research and analytical capabilities.

Our Research Focus

The department produces a wide variety of research with a focus on the following themes:

  • Peace and Security in the MENA Region studies threats to the region’s security and analyses the role of international diplomacy in improving short-, medium- and long-term peace prospects.
  • Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development focuses on key global issues related to energy, natural resources and the environment, and examines the role of diplomacy in supporting low-emission and climate-resilient development in the UAE and worldwide.
  • 21st Century Diplomacy examines the latest trends in diplomacy and explores best practices, promoting an innovative approach to building diplomatic skills and developing a new generation of diplomats.
  • Gulf-Asia Relations assesses the state and evolution of the UAE’s relations with Asian countries and explores ways of strengthening them.

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Publications and Multimedia

The Research and Analysis Department delivers various products including:

  • AGDA Insights are policy briefs that seek to address issues relevant to UAE foreign policy that will be of interest to diplomats and foreign-policy experts in the UAE and worldwide, providing analysis and, in some cases, policy options/recommendations. Some editions of AGDA Insights are for public distribution while others are for the UAE government’s use only.
  • AGDA Working Papers are academic papers that focus on topics relevant to UAE foreign policy and diplomatic practice, offering a more in-depth look than AGDA Insights and catering to a more specialist reader, whether within or outside the government.
  • AGDA Reflections are short comments written by leading diplomats and innovative thinkers that provide a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas on the changing world of diplomacy and global affairs, and how these changes relate to the UAE and the development of effective diplomats.
  • AGDA Snapshots are dated issue briefs, produced every two weeks during the academic year. Distributed exclusively among AGDA students and alumni and UAE government officials, AGDA Snapshots focus on topical news and their impact on the UAE.
  • AGDA Distinguished Diplomats Interviews are a series of video interviews in which renowned diplomats and other international affairs practitioners share their views and experience with regard to the changing nature of diplomacy.
  • Roundtables and workshops:We organise roundtable discussions as well as more in-depth workshops for subject matter experts and interested stakeholders, with participants from government, academia, the private sector and international organisations.
  • Advisory Services: We provide advisory services to external stakeholders on issues that relate to the EDA’s research programmes.
  • Diplomatic Capacity Building: The department contributes to the development of AGDA students’ research and analytical capabilities through co-managing research training and capstone projects, and engaging students in ongoing research.