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17 Oct, 2023

Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy Highlights Significance of Amplifying Emirati Voices in a Changing World during Panel Discussion

Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy, the UAE’s leading diplomatic training centre, hosted a panel discussion on “Amplifying Emirati Voices in a Changing World”. The event brought together Emirati professionals in various fields to gain insight into the opportunities and challenges for Emirati scholars in their pursuit of academic and professional success, as well as the value of their contribution to the continued strengthening of the country’s diplomacy.

Moderated by Dr. Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Research Fellow at Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy, the discussion explored the importance of diversity and inclusion, the need to support young Emiratis scholars, and the significant role they play in shaping the future of the UAE.  

Dr. Khawla Al Marri - Emirati researcher focusing on Khaleeji identity, discussed her research on Arab Gulf identity and the UAE's distinctive cultural diplomacy. She highlighted the importance of challenging stereotypes and promoting a more nuanced understanding of Arab Gulf identity, noting that the UAE's cultural diplomacy is rooted in its values of tolerance, openness, and respect for diversity.

Dr. Mohamed Al Zarouni - Emirati researcher focusing on Energy Economics, shared his experiences starting his PhD journey at a young age and his academic journey. He also spoke about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the UAE in its efforts to usher in a new era of sustainable energy economics through COP28. He expressed optimism about the UAE's potential to lead the way in this arena, but also acknowledged the need to develop new technologies and secure global cooperation.

In her discussion of the role of marine conservation scientists, Dr. Hind Al Ameri - Marine Conversation Scientist at Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, emphasized the importance of protecting marine life and encouraging young Emiratis, especially young women, to consider the value of a career in STEM. She stressed the need for diversity and inclusion in the field, and the opportunity to contribute knowledge and expertise to the continued development of both the UAE and the wider world. 

H.E. Dr Tariq bin Hendi - Senior Partner at Global Ventures and Chairman of Edelman (Middle East)  discussed his professional journey and experiences across the government, sovereign and private sectors. He described the benefits of private sector employment and how valuable that experience can be for a young person trying to gain best practices and insights into various sectors. He reiterated the need for all Emiratis to view themselves as ambassadors of the UAE and to represent the country with pride and dignity.

Dr. Noura Al Obeidli - Research Fellow at NYUAD, underscored the significance of bridging the academic divide and harnessing research to unravel the myriad societal complexities that demand meticulous examination and steer the development of innovative strategies and policies crucial for the advancement of the nation. Additionally, she spotlighted the influential role of media in amplifying the narratives surrounding the narrowing of the gender gap and the empowerment of Emirati women.

As a globally-recognised academic and diplomatic centre, Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy plays a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of foreign policy leaders and diplomats. It contributes to educating and preparing current and future diplomats to represent the UAE on the international stage. The academy also monitors the evolution of women in diplomacy through its annual Women in Diplomacy Index, which highlights the percentage of female ambassadors representing all United Nations member states.

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