About Us

The Educational Technology (EdTech) services enable the faculty and lecturers at the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy (AGDA) to leverage available and emerging learning-centered technologies. The EdTech provides participants with access to transformational learning experiences, which are empowered by technology. The services are programmed to offer the necessary support to academic and executive training staff to ensure that learners have access to high-quality digital learning resources.

The Educational Technology team at AGDA collaborate with faculty, staff and learners, to explore the ways educational technology can support AGDA’s mission, improve programme outcomes and foster the engagement of the learner.

We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of AGDA. The services are provided through digital content development, hybrid and online courses, instructional design, as well as professional development in educational technology.

The Educational Technology Team achieve its objectives through educational technology recommendations; research and evaluation of novel technologies; project management; collaboration and contribution with intellectual educational organisations; creation of interactive teaching, and driving a community that fosters innovative use of technology in learning. 

Our Mission

To support educators, acknowledge the benefits of how technology can transform the teaching and learning experience, all while providing the learners with the skills and knowledge to be successful in their diplomatic career.

Our Goals

  • Provide simple and universal access to EdTech services for educators and learners.
  • Research and provide advanced EdTech tools for the academic and executive training departments to reach and attract more potential learners and meet the community’s changing needs.
  • Expand the technology support tools to meet the AGDA’s current needs and expectations.
  • Maintain current technology hardware, software and network infrastructure in association with the Information Technology department so that it is reliably available.
  • Obtain feedback from users on satisfaction levels of current and new services and implement changes accordingly.

Training Management System

The Executive Training department at AGDA offer online and blended short courses, which makes the learning and development journey for learners more flexible, align with their busy schedule and allow them to learn at their own pace. The lecturers and trainers use rich multimedia and interactive tools to create a dynamic and engaging virtual learning environment. Reach out to the executive training department for more information on the virtual courses. Enrol Now

Learning Management System

LMS is the Academy’s online learning system for delivering subject content to the students. The faculty use this system to provide access to online versions of course materials and readings; manage administration such as course announcements; allow electronic submission of assignments; offer written and verbal feedback; conduct online assessments and survey; offer the students to participate in online communication tools such as discussions and wikis; and provide the students access to submit their written assignments through checking software (Turnitin). LMS can be access only by the AGDA students. Log in Now