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Hind Al Sharif

Executive Training Supervisor

Hind AlSharif is a Zayed University Graduate, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media Sciences, with a minor in Psychology.  She started her career with an internship at a government authority in Dubai, specifically within the training and development department, as it always has been an interest which she wanted to explore. Hind has been an Executive Training Supervisor since 2017 and has obtained her CIPD learning and development certification.

One of the main job roles which Hind holds at AGDA is organizing and supervising various high level diplomacy training programs. This includes several aspects such as communicating with training requesters which include various government entities, designing the programs, and evaluating program outcomes. In addition to the previous role, Hind also supports the rest of the AGDA team when it comes to other cross functional projects. 

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