Customised Courses

Entirely tailored to your organisation’s unique challenges and goals, our customised programmes strategically develop learning and development journeys to drive organizations, teams, and individuals forward. Working with governments and non-profits, our customised programmes focus on your needs, from addressing critical internal issues to future-proofing your firm and enabling it to face new realities.

Some of the customised programmes that we delivered to other government entities are:

  • Cultural Attaché Course

    The programme prepares candidates who have been selected for duty as cultural attachés. where they will accept the challenge because this diplomatic position gives them the. As cultural attachés, part of their duty is to promote the culture of their homeland while living abroad. This entails making arrangements for visiting speakers, performers, writers and other cultural figures. In addition to welcoming cultural figures from their homeland to their host country, they also coordinae the efforts of exchange students. This important aspect of their job allows them to encourage two-way cultural interaction.

  • Defense Attaché Course

    The programme prepares selected military officers for duty as defense attachés. These highly visible and influential positions require dynamic critical thinking, strong communications and leadership skills and an ability to remain diplomatic under pressure. The programme operates at the crossroads of diplomacy, strategy, economics and public relations. As their roles and missions are complex and evolving, it is important for new defense attachés to be properly prepared to take on new functions. This programme will give each individual the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills. The main objectives of the programmes are to provide a strong basis for their future professional challenges as a defense attaché and to be introduced to the multilateral approach required to work in a multicultural environment.

  • Diplomatic Spouse Course

    The programme is designed to ensure that diplomatic spouses are equipped with the necessary skills and cultural knowledge needed to fulfil their role successfully. The role of the diplomatic family has changed in the recent years, especially the role of the diplomatic spouse. Spouses have roles in diplomatic protocols and etiquette though involvement of social events, and sending messages of condolence or congratulations as appropriate. Therefore, the diplomatic spouse should be aware of the diplomatic norms, code of behavior, and social relations. Spouses of diplomats should also have the skills to convey a positive image of their home country and have a good knowledge of the culture of the country she/he is designated in.

  • New Ambassador Course

    The programme is an experiential learning programme designed to equip and empower senior with the skills needed for their duties abroad. They will explore different topics in global affairs, diplomacy and build up their cross-cultural communication skills. The Executive Training Department has lined up a group of renowned leaders to inspire the diplomats in ways to make a difference in their communities. In addition, they will learn dining and social etiquette to effect change in both formal and informal settings. To enhance this experience, the diplomats will meet with the ambassadors of their assigned country to receive intensive training on the culture and customs specific to that country.

  • Youth Ambassador Course

    The programme is a pre-training programme designed to bring together young Emiratis who show talent and future leadership. It aims to inspire them to become global leaders who can take on prominent roles in strengthening relationships between the UAE and its strategic partners. The programme prepares them to start thinking critically, introduces them to new skills and opportunities, and instills them with the self confidence that young leaders need to initiate change in themselves, the local community and the world.