The Executive Training Department focuses on merging up-to-date theoretical approaches with relevant practical training. The courses are targeted towards individuals in the diplomatic corps and other relevant government entities. The curriculum is designed and taught by AGDA’s in-house faculty and external trainers.

The executive training programmes are also complemented by courses developed in collaboration with AGDA’s local and international partners. Each course provides a collaborative environment that fosters innovation, intellectual curiosity and networking among peers, resulting in a unique opportunity to refresh old and acquire new skills. 

Our programmes and courses are designed to maximize learning and transfer of knowledge by incorporating lectures, assessments, case studies, group activity, coaching and simulations.  Our blended teaching methodology results in a highly engaged classroom and deep learning outcomes. 

Our Training Philosophy

The philosophy of training and development followed by the Executive Training is:

  • Unique Learning Experience

    Provide transformational learning experiences that integrate head, heart and hands to ensure participants develop their knowledge and skills to improve performance within their organisations.

  • Modern Learning Methods

    Ensure inclusion of modern learning methods in delivering knowledge. The training methodology comprises experiential exercises, group discussions, case studies, role-plays, personal and group action planning.

  • Lifelong Learning

    Provide sustained access to knowledge and skill enhancement by developing continuing-programmes that allows participants to avail lifelong learning. The programmes are provided at a variety of locations and times for the added convenience of the participants.

  • Learning by Doing

    Considered as an effective learning approach where the trainees gradually acquire essential knowledge and skills through active, self-reflective engagement with the world within the training room and beyond to ensure that concepts are learned, retained and applied in a variety of situations.


Each Executive Training course might have differing admissions requirements. In general, to apply for an AGDA Executive Training course, you must:

  • Be a UAE National
  • Currently be employed in a UAE government or semi-government organisation
  • Be nominated by your employer
  • Be fluent in English and Arabic at a level that allows you to participate fully in our courses