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Bernardino León Gross

Adjunct Professor

Bernardino León Gross is an accomplished diplomat and politician known for his expertise in mediation, peace-building, security, terrorism, economic diplomacy, energy, international development, climate change, migration, human rights, governance, and dialogue among cultures and religions.

Bernardino believes that modern diplomats should possess traditional skills while addressing emerging challenges such as economic diplomacy, energy, migration, intercultural relations, terrorism, human rights, governance, and climate change. He emphasises the importance of collaboration between governments, civil society, and the private sector, and he values both global and local perspectives in his work.

His notable roles include serving as the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Libya, where he played a crucial role in negotiations during the Arab world's transformations. As the European Union (EU) Special Representative for the Southern Mediterranean Region, he contributed to the EU's response to the Arab Spring. He has been involved in significant international negotiations and mediation efforts, including the Middle East Peace Process and talks with the Colombian government and ETA. Bernardino actively promotes human rights and governance, advocating against the death penalty and supporting the International Criminal Court. He has also organised conferences for interfaith dialogue and worked on educational programs focusing on relations with Islamic countries.

He holds an impressive academic background, including a Master's degree in International Relations from the University of Barcelona. He has lectured at prestigious institutions such as Harvard University, Georgetown, Oxford, and Yale, among others. He has authored and translated several publications on topics related to Arab culture, international relations, and diplomacy.

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