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HE Ali Al Shamsi

H.E. Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi

Secretary General of the Supreme Council for National Security

H.E. Ali Al Shamsi is a veteran diplomat, an accomplished politician and a much-celebrated public figure in the modern life of Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general.

With a solid academic background in administration (from Cairo and the USA) and in diplomatic studies at the UN Institute (Geneva), H.E. started his rich career in diplomacy in 1990; a career that took him to several world capitals and provided him with comprehensive exposure to world politics and the main issues facing our world today.

H.E. has served as Ambassador to many key countries such as, Kingdom of Jordan, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Afghanistan and as the UAE Mission Representative to important international bodies such as the Arab league and the United Nations. His extraordinary diplomatic record for more than 20 years has made the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.H. Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, call Mr. Al Shamsi the “Foreign Ministry’s Special Representative.”

After two decades of serving his country as a diplomat, H.E. started to play very important roles in several key government bodies in UAE, chairing the General Authority for the Security of Ports, Borders and Free Zones.

 And as a board member in several key bodies including the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) and Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) to name a few.

Crowning this remarkable career, H.E. was appointed by the UAE President as a Deputy Secretary-General of the Supreme National Security Council with minister level, a vital position which he is still holding to date.

H.E. has won several medals from world leaders including the president of Pakistan and the King of Jordan.

However, this rich career didn’t prevent him from following his intellectual quest. H.E. has three published books on new world order, the second gulf war 2 and memories of his career experience as a diplomat.

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