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Pr. Eric Canal Forgues Alter

The Dean of Graduate Programmes Department Affairs

In this role, Professor Canal Forgues Alter guides AGDA faculty members and the academic affairs management team towards achieving their goals, while continuously contributing to the Academy’s professional development.

Furthermore, Professor Canal Forgues Alter is responsible for overseeing the development, accreditation and implementation of high-quality academic programs in line with the requirements set by AGDA and its partners to ensure a comprehensive educational experience for AGDA students according to the highest global standards.

He also helps the Academy pursue sustainable collaboration and fruitful partnerships with other like-minded academic institutions both inside and outside the country, while significantly contributing to enhancing AGDA’s status as a prominent academic center in diplomatic capacity building, research and intellectual leadership.

Before assuming his current role at AGDA, he has worked as an associate lecturer of international law for diplomats at the Academy.

Since 1991, Professor Canal Forgues Alter has built a distinguished academic career through serving in various position at the most prestigious universities and academic institutions in several cities across the globe including Paris, Washington, New York, Beirut, Rome, and Abu Dhabi as well as a Legal Officer with the United Nations (FAO).

Prior to joining AGDA, Professor Canal Forgues Alter served as Head of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and oversaw academic leadership for academic affairs and accreditation and administration of the department’s relationships with external organizations.

Before that he worked as a professor at the Sciences Po (Paris)’s School of Public Affairs, Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Institute of International Economic Law, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington DC and University of Paris and as a Fullbright Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Michigan Law School (Ann Arbor).

Professor Canal Forgues Alter also served as the Director of the Institute of International Business Law in Cairo, Egypt. He was outposted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beirut, Lebanon as the Founder and Director of the CEDROMA, Centre d’études des droits du monde arabe and Ad Hoc Advisor to the Minister of Justice – and Senior consultant for various institutions such as the World Bank, the European Union or the United Nations.

Professor Canal Forgues Alter holds a Ph.D in International Law from University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, LL.M in Media Law from Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles and postgraduate degree in International Law from University Paris II Pantheon Assas.

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