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Abdulla Alameri

Operations and Support Director

Abdulla Alameri is an accomplished leader in operations, procurement, and finance. He holds a Master's degree in Strategic Leadership and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Abdulla’s professional experience in operations and support spans for more than 18 years.

Currently, Alameri serves as the Operation and Support Director at the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy, where he is responsible for leading and optimizing various operational processes including the budget planning, resource management, vendor relationships, and ensuring compliance with contracts and regulations. With his expertise in these areas, Alameri plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the academy's operations.

Prior to his current position, Alameri held successful roles at Emirates Development Bank and other government entities, where he gained valuable experience in operations, procurement, and finance. This experience equipped him with the necessary skills to effectively manage budgets, streamline processes, and build strong relationships with vendors and suppliers.

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